Weather Alert: Loudoun Braces for Severe Flooding

The county’s emergency response crews are gearing up for a potentially dangerous weather front that could dump a foot or more of rain on Loudoun in the coming days.

The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood watch for the region through Friday.

The county government Wednesday issued an alert urging residents to be cautious in the event of flooding. Children should be kept inside and away from streams, creeks, drainage channels and other areas known to flood suddenly. Flash floods can occur in these areas with or without typical warnings as rain clouds or heavy rain.

Motorists are urged not to crossed flooded roads, which can leave them stranded in high water or even wash them away. Six inches of moving water can knock a person down and two feet of water can move a large vehicle such as a bus.

In anticipation of possible power outages, residents should charge mobile devices and to have a supply of working batteries and flashlights on hand.

The county’s fire and rescue crews are developing plans for staffing special response teams to respond to emergencies in the coming days.

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