Letter: Robert H. Follett

Editor: Americans are confronted with a myriad of scams that attempt to steal our hard-earned money and identity. Among scammers different methods, their attention in the last couple years has shifted to elderly Americans receiving Medicare because of the ease of swiping social security numbers from government-distributed cards. Seniors deserve our privacy to be protected and for government resources to follow through.

Thankfully, fraud prevention particularly for vulnerable seniors is increasingly becoming addressed by lawmakers. The Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 that was passed last year addressed this concern and will make it harder for scammers to steal social security numbers.  In my own case, I received a phone call recently from a voice pretending to represent the IRS threatening dire consequences if I did not call back!  (I didn’t.)  I also hear about email hacking in the news which in one case affected me as I needed to quickly change a password I was using.  I am grateful for leadership at the federal level from Republicans, like our Congresswoman Barbara Comstock, on this issue.  Barbara Comstock reinforced her commitment to protecting our seniors like me from identity theft with her support of this legislation that was signed into law.

I look forward to voting for Barbara Comstock again and for more positive steps from her to protect seniors from identity theft

Robert H. Follett, Lansdowne

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