Letter: Sean & Anita Rashid, Waterford

Editor: Our family is supporting Barbara Comstock  in this election.

Living in Loudoun County, Northern Virginia is such a mixed blessing.  My kids and I have a nice lifestyle. My wife and I have owned and operated successful small businesses for over 27 years, live in a safe neighborhood, and we enjoy terrific museums just 30 miles east of us.  All in all, we have a good, suburban life.  So how do I reconcile our existence with the horror stories of women being human-trafficked in our same area? I’ve been following the breaking news on the networks of underground sex-slavery in Fairfax and Loudoun counties.  How can this be occurring in the wealthiest counties, in one of the freest countries on Earth?

The fight against today’s slavery of women-for-sex is a bi-partisan fight.  Sex slavery, and the scourge of human trafficking that animates it, cannot be tolerated in our modern America. This is like a cancer that should be stopped from spreading. Which is why I can support Barbara Comstock, a Republican.  Representative Comstock, first a delegate in Richmond and now a Congresswoman for our area, has been working for years to support and connect local, state and federal law-enforcement who are fighting this crime, deep in its hidden places.  Comstock supported legislation that harshens the penalties for the human traffickers, as well as created safe and immediate-housing options for the women who’ve been victimized by this horror.  We need policy-makers like Comstock, who are as disgusted by human trafficking as I am, so that we can look our daughters and sons in the eye and mean it when we say “America is the freest Nation on Earth.”

Barbara Comstock has worked to earn my vote.  She is a good woman, working for what is right, so you and your readers should vote for her, too.

Sean & Anita Rashid, Waterford

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