Paul VI Catholic High School Moves Ahead

Loudoun planning commissioners have recommended approval of Paul VI Catholic High School’s plans to build a new campus on Braddock Road near Gum Spring Road.

The Catholic Diocese of Arlington secured rezoning approval for the project in 2005, but did not move forward with those plans.

“It was zoned 15 years ago to provide for not just the high school, but a church, middle or elementary school, a rectory, ball field—a much more intense plan than today,” said Bowman Consulting Group principal and senior planner Packie Crown. “Then the diocese decided that they would rather split the school, the elementary school and the church, and move that to a different location, and leave this property for a future high school site.”

The most recent plans for the site show a school for up to 2,000 students, 850 parking spaces, along with athletic fields including a football field, soccer field, baseball diamond, and tennis courts. Crown said those athletic facilities will be available to Loudoun County Public Schools or others when not in use.

Paul VI is also requesting permission to operate a church on the site, although there is no separate church building. Rather, small masses would be held in the same building as school, and larger services could be held in the gymnasium.

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