Sentencing Delayed in Castillo Murder Case

It will be at least several more weeks before a Loudoun judge decides the fate of an Ashburn man convicted of murdering his estranged wife at her home in 2014.

Braulio M. Castillo had been scheduled for sentencing on Thursday, but attorneys instead will appear in court next week to establish new hearing dates.

After hearing evidence during a five-week trial, a jury found Castillo guilty of first-degree murder and two other charges in the March 19, 2014, death of his estranged wife, Michelle.

The jury recommended he serve the rest of his life in prison. Circuit Court Judge Stephen E. Sincavage has authority to decrease but not increase the sentence when the case comes before him for final action.

Before that, however, Castillo’s attorneys will argue a motion to set aside the jury’s verdict.

Evidence in the case was that Castillo entered his wife’s home and strangled her in her bedroom, while their children were asleep down the hall. He then took her body to a basement bathroom and made it appear that she hanged herself in the shower. The couple was in the final stages of getting a divorce.

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