Letter: Lillian Vogl, Potomac Falls

Editor: Like many voters, I am fed up with bitter partisanship. I want my elected representatives to know what is going on in their communities, and roll up their sleeves and work across the aisle to solve problems. I am sick of Congress playing games and holding our local economy hostage because the leadership of the two parties won’t cooperate.

Despite my disgust with national politics, every time I glance at the local news, I see Congresswoman Barbara Comstock’s bipartisan work on issues that matter to Loudoun. She has been leading the way on Lyme Disease prevention and treatment since she was in the House of Delegates—an issue that is critical and personally devastating for my own family and many others in our community. Heroin addiction and human trafficking may be less common here but more deadly, and she has been a leader for Congressional efforts to save lives from these scourges. She has been relentless in holding WMATA’s feet to the fire to restore critical commuting options and safety. I could go on and on.

Comstock’s opponent has given us one and only one reason to vote for her: “I’m a Democrat, Comstock is a Republican, Trump is a Republican.” Well, I have never supported Donald Trump (and neither has Barbara Comstock), but that argument is exactly the kind of empty partisanship that I’m sick of. Evaluating the actual candidates, not party labels, it is clear that Congresswoman Comstock has been working hard for us and well deserves reelection.

Lillian Vogl, Potomac Falls

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