Letter: Madeline Skinner, Philomont

Editor:   Do not pave Greggsville Road.

Once again, the people who should question why they moved to western Loudoun County are attempting to ruin why so many of us moved here.  All most of us want is to take life a little slower and enjoy our rural scenery. Instead, their need is to increase their speed on narrow roads that are shared with walkers, joggers, horseback riders, dog walkers and those of us who like to enjoy the drive. Remember, there are no sidewalks in Philomont, just common courtesy.

I only learned about all this “below the radar” activity last Tuesday when the engineers were spotted. I have the letter to Janet Clark (in 2014) from the Hunting Hill/Willowin HOA and their petition, also a letter to the Board of Supervisors by a concerned individual who worked very hard to share all these facts. To be clear, my husband’s and my name appear as signing the petition, it was an error on their part; we did not sign it. We do not want Greggsville Road paved. The community’s safety is at risk. Speeds will increase, there is no question. Supervisors should repeal the decision.

How did this 2.9-mile gravel road get such attention over so many others? Why did our little piece of western Loudoun get financial “help.” How did it end up as an amendment to the Virginia state budget? After that wasn’t approved, how did it get to be a pilot program, even though it did not meet the pilot program criteria? Why weren’t those with a Greggsville address officially notified, as well as the impacted Philomont community allowed to voice their opinion in a community meeting or notified by letter from the Board of Supervisors or VDOT that would seal Philomont’s fate? Is this a coincidence? I think not. Look up “Top Donors for Senator Dick Black,” the #3 donor lives on Greggsville Road. Sen. Black is who submitted the funding amendment.

VDOT’s rule for pilot programs is that they can only pave a gravel road if it intersects with paved roads on either side. In this case, Greggsville Road dead ends at Jeb Stuart Road, which is a gravel road. Residents in the two subdivisions, Willowin and Hunting Hill, represent the majority of the signatures; they obviously would like to Fairfax Loudoun and even ask for some folks to donate property to the cause so curves can be straightened. Why did they move to western Loudoun County if all they want to do is make it a cookie-cutter suburb?

The general store is the hub of Philomont, the fact that my staff or I never heard of this covert process to pave a road that the community uses throughout the day is just another example of how this group made sure to stay under the radar since 2014. Let’s right this wrong that has the possibility to bring harm to our residents.

Madeline Skinner

Owner, Philomont General Store

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