‘Love’ Coming To Leesburg

A popular state public art campaign is headed the Leesburg’s way.

Tuesday evening, Town Council members unanimously approved the installation of a LOVEwork sculpture on town property next to the Crescent Place development.

LOVEworks installations can be found in localities throughout the commonwealth, including nearby in Purcellville at the Train Station. The artworks consist of the word “love” in large, capital letters, and often incorporate elements that make the particular locality they are located in special.

For Leesburg, bicycling elements will be integrated into the town’s LOVEworks installation, per a recommendation from the Commission on Public Art. The sculpture will be located adjacent to the W&OD Trail, making it a likely stop for passing cyclists.

Sculptor Mike Clay will be the artist behind the project, and the town will own and maintain the sculpture. The Friends of Leesburg Public Art were responsible for securing a grant from the “Virginia Is For Lovers” Virginia Tourism Board for this LOVEwork, which will join 48 others throughout the state. Thanks to the grant, there will be no cost to the town to design or install the sculpture, and only a negligible amount to maintain it, according to a staff report.

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