Letter: Norman Duncan, Ashburn

Editor: The Piano Store is a gem across the street from the Loudoun County Government Center.

Can you imagine that the great Fazioli piano, the world’s best pianoforte, can be viewed locally in Leesburg. The largest grand in the world is in this shop—well covered and not to be played by visitors, but to be viewed. When major pianists appear at the Kennedy Center, where do they go for this giant of an industry to rent, The Piano Store, of course.

I found this shop of shops the other night when I was invited by Mayor Dave Butler to meet the charming Bob Purdon, who graciously gave me a tour of the myriad pianos housed in the shop. As an honorary board member of the Loudoun Symphony, I have seen the best pianos and organs worldwide, opened my eyes to this gem in our backyard. This must be viewed as a tourist attraction.

Of course, everything is for sale and I encourage youngsters to get with it, a piano awaits you. If you visit, please monitor your youngster as the pianos are not toys but a sensitive instrument and need loving fingers.

Norman Duncan, Ashburn

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