Letter: Michael Monrroy, Sterling

Editor: LuAnn Bennett wants to make this local congressional election about the top of the ticket.  How do I know this?  She displays little-to-no knowledge of the district she wishes to represent.  She offers no real policy solutions and has no real public service record.

By contrast, Barbara Comstock wants to make this election about her constituents, including preserving the Tenth District’s natural and rural heritage, confronting the heroin crisis, finding cures for diseases, easing traffic congestion, improving our infrastructure, fixing our broken tax code, securing the homeland, and keeping Northern Virginia a great place to live and raise a family.

LuAnn Bennett does not understand (or, possibly, does not care) that cuts to our defense budget—combined with the already devastating defense sequester—will disproportionately impact the Commonwealth of Virginia, and particularly, our region.  This is not surprising, though, considering who she is supporting for president. Hillary Clinton has a horrendous record on national security. Let’s not forget, the Clintons presided over a downsizing of the U.S. military during the 1990s, slashing the defense budget by one-third even while engaging our troops in multiple conflicts around the globe. Hillary touts her tenure as Secretary of State but is hard-pressed to name a corner of the world more safe as a result of her leadership. She installed a personal email server in her New York home (ostensibly to avoid disclosure under the Federal Records Act) and exchanged classified information over that server with her top aides. Nevertheless, Bennett, in no uncertain terms, enthusiastically supports Hillary Clinton in her bid to be our Commander in Chief.

Barbara Comstock is a strong, independent woman who has an outstanding public service record.  She will continue to serve in Congress as a check on the president, no matter which party wins the White House.  She will be a respected leader who works tirelessly to get things done.  She has earned my vote in November.

Michael Monrroy, Sterling

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