Huntington Photos Take on New Dimensions in Cooley Gallery Exhibit

A show featuring the work of Sarah Huntington, Matthew Parse and Dave Kiser is attracting attention at Leesburg’s Cooley Gallery.

The “Corpus Luminous (Body of Light), A New Body of Work” exhibit will run through October.

The show reflects a branching out, for photographer Huntington and sculptor Parse in that it is a collaboration that focuses on the human face and body in relationships to form, texture, light and shadow.

Middleburg stonemason Lewis Whitesell, by Sarah Huntington
Middleburg stonemason Lewis Whitesell, by Sarah Huntington

“I told you this is different,” Huntington, best known for her portraiture, said of the partnership that sees her images deepened by Parse’s re-purposed metal and wood frames, and the beautiful prints made by Kiser.

“It’s been an idea for me for two years—printing negatives and adding digital material,” she said.

It was Parse who challenged her to open up her mind, and as an artist to go beyond the borders. The added component of the rough-hewn frames stunned her at first.

Parse turned to repurposed items to make frames because he liked the look of the materials, whether metal or wood. “They’re cool,” he said. The frames in the show were made from a tin roof from a Lincoln home. “I liked the way the tin looked,” he said, calling it a dynamic material to work with, and one that “has a lot of beauty.”

The gallery, located at 9 N. King St., is open Wednesday through Sunday.

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