Letter: Nicole Hall, Ashburn

Editor: I recently attended the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce 10th District Congressional Debate between Congresswoman Barbara Comstock and challenger Luann Bennett.  I work at a small business and the differences I observed between the two could not be more evident.

On issue after issue, from rolling back harmful overregulation that is crippling small business growth to having a command of the basic issues small business owners face today, it became clear that Barbara Comstock is the only person qualified for the job.

LuAnn Bennett framed herself as a small business owner, yet on issues such as the Department of Labor’s Overtime Mandate, Forced Project Labor Agreements, and the Persuader Rule, she either dodged every question or came down on the side opposing small business.  She claims to want relief for small business owners, but could not point to any specific regulations put out by the Obama Administration that she would roll back.

Barbara Comstock, on the other hand, has a record of fighting the Obama Administration’s regulatory overreaches. She has called for and supported a freeze on many of the regulations that are crippling. Barbara Comstock is the only woman fit to serve as advocate for small businesses in Washington.

Nicole Hall, Ashburn

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