Letter: Kathryn Uphaus, Winchester

Editor: The common denominator in what the media persists in calling this “unique, historic election” year is the apparent desire among most Republicans and Independents and at least a portion of Democrats for “new blood,” representatives unburdened by years of involvement in the beltway “establishment.” This seems to be the main appeal Donald Trump has for his supporters. Certainly, he has nothing else to offer them!

There is, however, a candidate who is new to the Washington scene, who has not been involved in the D.C. establishment, but has a proven record of being smart, capable, tough, and humane, a candidate whose background should appeal to all voters interested in improving our economy and bringing to jobs to our area.

LuAnn Bennett is running for the House of Representatives in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District. She faced a trial by fire when, after the unexpected death of her husband in 1994, she had to not only raise her three small sons alone, but take over the family business. She proved herself phenomenally successful in both endeavors, never missing a payroll, even in the midst of the worst recession this nation has seen since the 1930s, and ushering her boys into successful, responsible adulthood.

Although LuAnn would be new to the Washington establishment, she is not new to public service. A resident of Northern Virginia for 35 years, she has served on the Virginia Climate Change Commission and the Virginia Healthcare Foundation.

LuAnn offers us the opportunity to replace an individual who has spent her entire career as a political partisan, a member of what is surely the least effective Congress in our nation’s history, who opposes equal pay for women and their right to make their own healthcare decisions, disparages the immigrants who contribute so much to our economy and culture, fought against the 2013 bipartisan transportation bill and, as a State Delegate, voted to cut funding for our public schools by $620 million! Barbara Comstock apparently at least has the grace to be ashamed of her record, as she persistently refuses to appear on the same stage with LuAnn, most recently for the October 8th Candidate’s Forum held at Handley Library in Winchester.

We clearly need a new face in the 10th Congressional District, and fortunately for us, LuAnn Bennett has appeared just when we most need her. I have had the good fortune to meet and talk to her on a couple of her visits to Winchester, and look forward eagerly to casting my ballot for her on November 8!

Kathryn Uphaus, Winchester

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  • 2016-10-24 at 10:46 pm

    Comstock has debated LuAnn twice and has won both times by telling her story of getting results for the community. I guess you did not read the multiple stories from that weekend that reported Comstock’s son was getting married and could not attend the Winchester forum.

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