For Dog Money, Community Support is Strong Currency

While some brewers are finding hurdles in their efforts to open Loudoun operations, Tim Regan and Dean Lake at Dog Money Restaurant & Brewery in Leesburg said they’ve found broad support.

The business partners, surrounded by family members and Town Council members, celebrated its formal ribbon-cutting Monday afternoon. The restaurant opened somewhat quietly in June at 50 Catoctin Circle, but Regan and Lake wanted time to ramp up the business. That happens this week when a new menu is rolled out.

The pair thanked their families and staff members for their support. Regan noted that Chef Joe Ganzer took a leap of faith. “He picked up his life and moved here because he trusted me so much.”

On Lake’s thank-you list were a few surprises, including the state ABC officers and the town’s Utility Department.

Restaurant industry veteran Tim Regan poses with supporters. (Norman K. Styer/Loudoun Now)
Restaurant industry veteran Tim Regan poses with supporters. (Norman K. Styer/Loudoun Now)

“We’ve gotten support and advice from other restaurants in Leesburg. That may be counter intuitive but it happens all the time,” Lake said. “The brewing industry is a tremendously supportive network.”

He described the ABC agents they worked with as “instrumental and tremendously helpful.”

“There are a lot of things I could talk about that are not positive about government, but I am not going to do that,” Lake said.

Like many new businesses, Dog Money was faced with a series of last-minute hoops and hurdles at the time they planned to open. And the delays were costly—for the owners and for their 25 employees, Lake said.

“It was hurting our business plan, but it was hurting their ability to pay their rent,” he said, noting that large corporations may be able to absorb those impacts but small businesses cannot. “Doing it on a small scale is very difficult.”

One surprise, Lake said, has been from the town’s Utility Department. “I was getting calls when I would brew and use a large amount of water: Did you mean to use 1,500 gallons of water last night?” he said.

Data provided by the town has helped him become more efficient in his use of water—a service he touted during a recent convention of brewers from around the state. “I didn’t even ask for that. That was just offered to me in Leesburg.”

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  • 2016-10-25 at 3:20 pm

    My recent direct conversation with the the half-owner, son in-law of Gwen Pangle who is running for Town Council, is that she helped “pull strings”, with a member of the Town Council to use their influence, in order to get the restaurant/pub off the ground. Gwen is pictured to the right of Mayor Dave Butler in the top photo. The restaurant/pub served as her candidacy launching location although I believe Pittsburgh Rick’s served food. I think the restaurant/pub aesthetics, staff, drinks and food are exceptional and significantly exceed the two previous establishments at the location. Should Gwen disagree, I would be willing to discuss my conversation, and further deeper aspects of my conversation from which I’ve held back information, under oath, before the election, in the company of a 3rd party polygraph firm. Only 10 questions will be asked, but a couple may deviate as she is the head of the Leesburg Economic Development Commission, which she was appointed by Kelly Burk (her very good friend who is on the Town Council and running for Mayor) and her Real Estate Firm, and I think her co-mingling long-term relationships between private business Owner, Government and Public have already corrupted her ability to lead.

  • 2016-10-25 at 7:11 pm

    LbrgFine, you left out her deep connection with Hobbie Mitchell. He is developer of the resurrected Crescent Park project. She is all for this increase density project so she can sell home like she is doing with his other project in town. Look at whos signs on his property on Harrison St and near food Lion on King st and you will see the candidates in favor of more housing in leesburg. Also see the signs on new housing starting on S King St outside bypass and you see signs of same candidates who voted for those 500 homes. BTW Hammler claims in her campaign ads to be opposed to sprawl yet voted for close to 2000 more homes being built in town.

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