Letter: Lou Gros Louis, Lansdowne

Editor: Loudoun County Chairwoman Phyllis Randall, apparently suffering from a severe case of politician’s foot-in-mouth disease, issued an apology to eastern Loudoun County taxpayers for their approaching her with “idiotic” things while calling western Loudoun County the driver of our county’s economy.

Now this writer may be just an 86-year-old, naïve, small-town boy from New Hampshire, but I am not so old not to understand bilge water when I see it. I believe her about as much as we did in my growing years when we used cow pies we found in our pastures and used them for bases for our all day baseball games thinking they were just like real bases. In her remarks Chairwoman Randall joined the current environment of name calling, discrimination, and bullying inflicted upon our living environment by the worst assembly of nationwide politicians in the history of our great nation and it is evident at all levels of government from top to bottom. Chairwoman Randall can issue all the apologies she wishes, but she still said what she said about the good people of eastern Loudoun County.

In our new living environment of “fact checking” her views, and description of taxpayers living in eastern Loudoun County was so inaccurate it brings into doubt her ability to represent the good people of eastern Loudoun County. Most of the “idiotic” incidents and remarks this writer has witnessed came from the dais of our Board of Supervisors. We little people taxpayers did not put us in debt for life supporting the corrupt D.C. Metro system. We did not approve helping to pay for metro to extend out to Dulles Airport so convention attendees and tourists can get out of Loudoun County faster and get to downtown DC. We were not the folks who approved the thousands of houses, condos, and apartments in eastern Loudoun County. We are not the folks who routinely get snookered by developers who get one plan approved and then submit their real plan exchanging promised living environment improvements for more houses, condos, and apartment—soon we will be able to walk all around eastern Loudoun County from one rooftop to another. We eastern taxpayers did not approve all those humongous, windowless, data processing buildings springing up all of eastern Loudoun County like dandelions in the spring. And the good people of eastern Loudoun County aren’t the ones who, like the members of our Board of Supervisors, act like 5-year-old kids bickering on a school playground at times.

In Loudoun County, we have an entire army of retired, professional executives who could step up and occupy the positions on both our Board of Supervisors and School Board without big egos, political ambitions, and self-interests. I’ll bet my last bippy they would do it out of pride in our county and not for the money. Assuming that Chairwoman Randall included board members elected from eastern Loudoun County in her remarks, her continuing to preach unity is a little hollow. It is time for Chairwoman Randall to step aside and turn the gavel over to another board member.

Lou Gros Louis, Lansdowne

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  • 2016-10-27 at 12:34 pm

    Lou Gros Louis, completely agree. Why don’t some of these retired executives run next time? We need them.

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