Letter: Barbara Jarvis, Hamilton

Editor: I will be happy to vote for Hillary Clinton on Election Day.  She is the only presidential candidate that will protect our nation through policies that will bring our country together and that will work for everyone.  I strongly believe she will make an excellent president.  Here are a few reasons why:

She’s very smart, she works hard and she listens to people.

She works well across the aisle as demonstrated during her Senate career; she will work hard to make government work again for all.

She has grit; she was tough enough to put up with Trump’s bizarre and aggressive behavior in the second debate, and won all 3 debates.

She will be pro-active in our foreign policy; she’s tough enough to go toe to toe with Putin and smart and experienced enough to know how to do it.

She will work to protect our air, water, health, national parks and public lands, and she will make addressing climate change a priority.

She really cares about people and families; her career, writings, and  actions show that.

Donald Trump is sadly and alarmingly the antithesis of all of the above qualities and policy directions.  He is not particularly smart, he does not work hard (see debate performances), he does not listen well, he has promised to repeal our environmental regulations, he insults people and only cares for himself, and on and on.

It is critical that we elect a president who is conscientious and who will put her heart and soul into serving our country.  Hillary can be that president, but only if we turn out to vote for her.  Your vote is needed, so go vote on Election Day, or vote absentee if necessary, but be sure to vote (visit iwillvote.com for voting information).  And while you’re voting, please cast your vote for LuAnn Bennett for Congress, and help elect a progressive leader to the House of Representatives.


Barbara Jarvis, Hamilton

3 thoughts on “Letter: Barbara Jarvis, Hamilton

  • 2016-10-28 at 4:14 pm

    Judging from the Clinton’s $250M (quarter of a $B) in earnings via pay to play after they left office, I think it’s pretty clear where her priorities are – Clinton, Inc.

  • 2016-10-30 at 3:55 am

    Barbara – please be proud of you kids or grandkids making good grades, them doing well on the ball-field or in life, etc. Hillary has done nothing in her life to be proud of except enrich her family, and those around her, while exploiting many who truly needed the help. I can say the same about Mr. Obama and most politicians whether Republican or Democrat, sadly. When people can do things for others, anonymously, without any gain, need for ego, power, political gain, etc. our world will be a better place. At this point, Hillary has abused her position of Power, her ego, fame and lack thereof health has caused massive issues with her mental capabilities as she continues to not only to financially corrupt the system on several levels, but has also morally and ethically corrupted the system of several levels. Even in her speech about the FBI re-open her overall corruption inquiry, as it will get deeper now, she felt compelled, once again, to lie to the American Public about the letter issued to Congress by stating it was only issued to Republicans as it was CC’d to Democrats as well and I was glad while watching CNN and MSNBC that they were livid were her over the matter and called her out over it (even Rachel Maddow and Chris Mathews). This wont change your or any Democrat vote, but if she attains the seat of President, beware of anger, lust for power, ego and control as very bad things will happen under her reign.

  • 2017-04-12 at 9:47 am

    Hindsight and this letter, I feel much laughter in the near future.

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