Letter: Erin Rayner, Ashburn

Editor: Since her time as a state legislator, Congresswoman Barbara Comstock has consistently demonstrated her commitment to providing our children with a world-class education. On the other
hand, her opponent LuAnn Bennett has supported policies that would hurt Northern Virginia schools and families. This makes my decision on November 8 very easy.

Congresswoman Comstock believes in the value of high-quality public education. She introduced legislation to provide young women better access to STEM education opportunities. The House passed her legislation this year. She also introduced legislation to give college graduates much needed student loan relief, and voted for the “Every Student Succeeds Act,” a significant step toward improving our education system.

LuAnn Bennett, on the other hand, has failed to stand up for Northern Virginia schools. She supported raising state taxes while at the same time cutting funding for Northern Virginia schools.
The plan she supported would have raised taxes by $4 billion, but cut Northern Virginia school funding by $120 million.

When looking at the tale of the tape, it’s clear that Barbara Comstock is the right choice for students, families and schools.

Erin Rayner, Ashburn

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