Loudoun Schools’ Improvement Plan Calls For New Schools, FDK Expansion, Turf

The county school system’s senior staff members outlined the division’s capital needs for the next six years earlier this week.

Kevin Lewis, assistant superintendent of Support Services, presented his recommended Capital Improvement Program for fiscal years 2018 through 2023.

In all, the six-year outlook calls for $468,458,000 to fund five new schools, classroom additions to make room for full-day kindergarten at six schools, and a synthetic turf field at Heritage High School, among other smaller projects.

The CIP serves as a road map for the school system’s capital projects over the next six years. The School Board is scheduled to adopt the program next month and it will be sent over to the county Board of Supervisors as a formal funding request.

“We’re trying to get the [School Board’s] adoption of the CIP a little early this year,” Lewis told School Board members. “So we can get it across the county so they can consider it as they put together their capital priorities.”

In the first three years of the recommended CIP, little was changed from the program the School Board adopted last fiscal year. The one shift would be delaying by one year the renovation of C.S. Monroe Technology Center to convert it to Douglass School, the county’s alternative secondary school. Staff is recommending that project be pushed back one year to be funded in fiscal year 2020 and open in fall of 2022.

In the first year, fiscal year 2018, the proposed CIP requests $49.65 million to fund a Dulles North elementary school (ES-31) and to pay for a portion of a Dulles South high school (HS-9). The following year, it calls for $132.21 million to pay for the rest of HS-9, as well as school division security improvements. In fiscal year 2020, it requests $72.8 million to pay for C.S. Monroe Technology Center’s renovation, as well as the design work of a Dulles North elementary school (ES-23). Fiscal year 2021’s request of $70.58 million would fund construction of ES-23, design work on a Dulles South-area elementary school (ES-29), three-classroom additions at five elementary schools for full-day kindergarten, and an artificial turf field at Heritage High School, among other smaller projects.

The School Board will hold two public hearings and work sessions on the capital program ahead of a final decision Tuesday, Nov. 29. The public hearings are at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 15 and Tuesday, Nov. 22, at the school administration building, 21000 Education Court in Ashburn.

See more details on the out years of the CIP here.


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