Letter: Brenda Bengtson, Hamilton

Editor: The first time I met LuAnn Bennett at an ADAMS Center celebration, I was impressed by her collegial and respectful manner, willingness to listen, small business experience, and bi-partisanship.
The celebration was fabulous; numerous dignitaries, guests, speakers, and community nonprofits were welcomed with open hearts, and children shared calls to prayer and songs of peace. It was a long but enjoyable evening.
Attorney General Mark Herring spoke early in the evening as did Rep. Barbara Comstock.  I observed with surprise that Ms. Comstock and David Ramadan kept their backs turned while state Senator Barbara Favola spoke. Moments later when Mr. Ramadan spoke, Ms. Comstock pointedly turned to listen to him.  I was disappointed by this seeming disregard for a former state colleague.
LuAnn Bennett waited patiently to speak, near the program’s end.  By the time Ms. Bennett walked to the stage, Ms. Comstock and Mr. Ramadan had slipped out.   
Ms. Bennett accepted invites to (six or more) face-to-face opportunities in the important weeks before the election while Ms. Comstock declined to participate.  The two Chamber of Commerce debates cost attendees between $50 and $75, thus many constituents were not privy to hearing a reasoned, unscripted, and informative debate.
What does it say about a candidate who attends ribbon-cuttings and parades but refuses to debate an opponent?  Why does Ms. Comstock avoid multiple opportunities for constituents to hear issues being discussed? 
LuAnn Bennett is a welcome change to the partisan obstruction and low performance ratings in Congress, especially the last eight years and during Ms. Comstock’s two years.  Ms. Bennett demonstrates that she negotiates, listens, and problem-solves.
LuAnn Bennett works with many different viewpoints in her real estate business and achieves goals; she will govern by listening and legislating with care and thought for all constituents.  Ms. Bennett is the real deal; a bi-partisan candidate for Northern VA’s 10th District.
LuAnn Bennett is transparent and accessible to constituents. Her policies in support of equal pay for families, adequate funding for education, transportation improvements, and prevention of known terrorists purchasing weapons are reasons to support LuAnn Bennett.  Ms. Bennett will not turn her back on anyone, even on the other side of the aisle, who thinks differently.
Brenda Bengtson, Hamilton

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