Letter: Thomas R. Hopkins, Falls Church

Editor: I hope the shooter of Macy the dog is proud of himself. Why does he insist on anonymity?
Why can’t he come forward and explain his pitiful, pathetic, inadequate self. After all, he must feel like quite the hero.
I am a gun owner too but I don’t feel the need to carry one in my pocket and I don’t shoot 10-month-old puppies. If one ran up to me and jumped up I would pet it and scratch it’s ears. That’s probably all it wanted.
Thomas R. Hopkins, Falls Church

One thought on “Letter: Thomas R. Hopkins, Falls Church

  • 2016-11-01 at 11:45 am

    “Why does he insist on anonymity?”

    Probably because “I am a gun owner too” is coupled with “explain his pitiful, pathetic, inadequate self”

    And the world seems rife with animal loving nutters who care more for animals than people and will do all kinds of nefarious things to him (like write inane Letters to the Editor or worse).

    It’s tragic, but it was legal. Leave the guy alone.

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