Letter: Erich Reimer, Charlottesville

Editor: Barbara Comstock represents a rare kind of leader not only in the Republican Party but in America. Her record and vision is an innovative, optimistic, and pragmatic conservatism. The people of the 10th district are lucky to have her representing them in Congress, and all of us across Virginia benefit greatly from her leadership and vision.

As one of the two statewide Electors representing the Republican Party of Virginia, I’ve watched day by day as this election season has left a truly scorched earth in its wake. Leaders like Comstock are the calm in that storm. While this election has largely been a race to the bottom, she has stayed above the fray and kept an upbeat and future-oriented governance vision. That is why I’m proud to endorse her.

As a Millennial and former Democrat, I feel that our country right now is witnessing deep polarization that divides us and prevents us from properly confronting the challenges in both our communities and country as a whole. Congress is gridlocked, our economy’s fundamentals are deteriorating, our foreign policy is without direction, and our freedoms on all levels are slowly drifting away.

Comstock has shown a unique ability to reach across the aisle while remaining firm in principles and vision. This is reflected in how she has collected the endorsements of both the Washington Post and the National Review, an achievement that likely few if any could boast similarly about.

Despite having only served one term in Congress as of far, her legislative achievements are real and meaningful. She has fought for the people of Virginia in advancing technological innovation and entrepreneurship, protecting and modernizing our military, looking out for main street businesses, farms, and ordinary Americans, and fighting for those in shadows suffering from heroin or in the crucible of human trafficking. Imagine what she could do in a second-term, or over the course of even more years of service.

It is precisely leaders in the mold of Comstock that drew me from my Democrat roots growing up to the Republican Party. Comstock’s Republican Party of the future is one of all Americans and that not only embraces but champions the extraordinary diversity of backgrounds and experiences that is so part of the American ideal.

Former Congressmen Tom Davis and Frank Wolf served the people of Northern Virginia well over their decades of service. Comstock remains the bridge between their inspiring policy leadership and a modernized “21st century conservatism.”

Voters ought to reward rare leaders like Barbara Comstock. Our communities, Commonwealth, and America as a whole stand to benefit. That’s why this November 8th, a vote for Barbara Comstock is more than just a vote for a candidate or for policies. It is a vote for the future.

Erich Reimer, Charlottesville

Elector, Republican Party of Virginia

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  • 2016-11-03 at 1:04 pm

    But a Comstock in Congress will mean nothing if we have a Hillary in the White House, so it’s even more important that we elect Donald Trump.

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