Editorial: A New Cycle

While it is difficult to imagine the types of last-minute accusations yet to emerge in the final days of an already difficult national election, the end is in sight. At last.

There is only one task left: To cast your vote.

On a national level, the campaign has exposed deepening divides and increased polarization. Rational solutions to the country’s immigration policies, health care affordability, debt crisis and sluggish economy don’t appear any closer after these many months of debate. The citizens are as far apart as the candidates on those issues and appear to have little interest in closing those gaps. Regardless of the final results on Tuesday, there will be a lot of work left to do.

On the local level, voters in Leesburg and Hillsboro have a more pleasant task of choosing from slates of highly qualified candidates to fill municipal seats. Regardless of their political stripe, they espouse general agreement on the need to continue with the core policies that have built a high quality of life for most residents, while continuing the search for impactful improvements.

The challenge facing voters on both levels—the presidential and congressional races and the local town council ballots—is the same. They much choose the candidates who best share their vision of America (and Leesburg or Hillsboro) and who have the ability to build the bridges that will be needed to achieve it. Election Day is not the end of the campaign; it is the beginning of a new political cycle that should offer the promise of something better.

To make that happen, cast your vote on Tuesday and then start holding them accountable on Wednesday.

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