Clinton Tops Trump in VA; Burk Wins Leesburg Mayoral Race; Comstock Re-elected

After months of campaigning, Loudoun voters had their say today.

Voters strongly backed Democrat Hillary Clinton in the presidential races, but split their vote in the 10th Congressional District race.

While Clinton won by a comfortable margin in Loudoun—101,702 votes to Trump’s 70,728—the statewide race came down to the wire. It appears Clinton will win the state’s 13 electoral votes.

LuAnn Bennett became the first 10th District Democrat to win in Loudoun since 1978, but her 149-vote margin of victory in Loudoun’s unofficial results wasn’t enough to win district-wide. Republican Barbara Comstock won her second two-year term. Bennett got 90,407 Loudoun votes, Comstock got 90,256.

In Leesburg, Councilwoman Kelly Burk won a three-way race to become the town’s next mayor. Town voters elected Ken Reid and Ron Campbell, along with incumbent Tom Dunn to fill three council seats.

The Blue Ridge District was the first to have all precincts reporting. Clinton topped Trump, 13,135 to 11,682; and Comstock topped Bennett 14,454 to 11,696.

In the Algonkian District, Clinton won with 10,008 to Trump’s 6,359. Bennett topped Comstock 9,094 to 8,259.

In the Ashburn District, Clinton got 9,608 votes to Trump’s 7,011. Comstock beat Bennett, 9,109-8,417.

In the Broad Run District, Clinton got 11,084 vote to Trump’s 6,666. Bennett got 9,818 votes to Comstock’s 8,665 votes.

In the Catoctin District, Trump won with 9,837 votes to Clinton’s 8,381 votes. Comstock beat Bennett 11,528 to 7,517.

The Dulles District gave 12,336 votes to Clinton and 7,372 for Trump. The district went narrowly for Bennett, 10,425 to 10,113.

In the Leesburg District, Clinton got 8,821 votes to Trump’s 5,965. Bennett got 8,133 votes to Comstock’s 7,586.

In the Sterling District, Clinton got 8,498 votes to Trump’s 4,380. Bennett topped Comstock 7,856-5485.

In the Leesburg mayoral race, Burk got 8,295 votes. Kevin Wright was second with 5,667. Dave Butler has 5,480 votes.

In the council races with three precincts reporting, Ken Reid (7,404) is in the lead, followed by Ron Campbell (7,182), Tom Dunn (7,065), Gwen Pangle (7,024), Katie Hammler (6,936), Evan Mcbeth (6,107) and John Hilton (4,603). The top three vote getters will win seats.

In Middleburg, Peter A. Leonard-Morgan ran unopposed for an open council seat.


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