Letter: Lou Gros Louis, Lansdowne

Editor: Whereas the county’s Department of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Management now has to beg for funding that will ensure the health and safety of our taxpayers, it is time for Loudoun’s 40,000 plus senior citizens to rain shame on our Board of Supervisors for its lack of foresight and demonstrated willingness to cater to those who some call our elite taxpayers.

It is unconscionable for our Board of Supervisors to even consider “giving” $7.5 million in leftover

funds from last fiscal year to the school system when our Department of Fire, Rescue and Emergency

Management has a shortfall of more than $2 million which was necessary to fund overtime due to a severe shortage of personnel. It boggles the mind of this 86-year-old former firefighter that we have a Board of Supervisors that loves to give away our tax dollars to organizations that do little to raise a share of their necessary funding, love to give tax exemptions to companies with the resources to pay their full share of taxes, and even donate our tax dollars to some communities simply because a threat of rain cancelled their annual fair.

In addition, our current Board of Supervisors is responsible for the new Loudoun County “cash cow” with funds pouring into the “charitable with our tax dollars board” pot from the convoluted ambulance

charge program. The funds generated by the new ambulance fees are 100 percent garnered by the men and women of our Loudoun County Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Management Service and yet our Board of Supervisors kept nearly the entire income for its own use while tossing a few funding crumbs to the Department of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Management Services.

This old firefighter now calls upon all our 40,000 plus senior citizens of Loudoun County to demand that our Board of Supervisors turn over sufficient funds from last fiscal year’ surplus to allow our

Department of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Management to initiate a recruitment program that will ensure the health and safety of all Loudoun County citizens and also amend the current funding program for ambulance fees to fairly share the proceeds with our Loudoun County Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services Department. It is time our Board of Supervisors stops giving away our tax dollars while ignoring the health and safety needs of our citizens.

Lou Gros Louis, Lansdowne

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