Letter: Shahzad Ansari, Leesburg

Editor: During the last Friday prayer’s sermon at Ashburn Adams Center branch, the Imam delivering the sermon shared with the congregation the message from a card delivered to the mosque. I was so touched by the sentiment of the card and its message that it compelled me to write and share it with you and the readers.

The card read: “If anyone is feeling upset, angry or afraid because of the recent election results, we want you to know: We are so glad you are here. It is an honor to be your neighbor. Love, The Kirkwood-Peckman Family.”

As an American Muslim, families and people like these solidify and replenish not only my faith in America but are a shining example of what is good and decent in all of us that we sometimes forget or overlook and that all of us make America great no matter the Religion, Race or Creed.  Kirkwood-Peckman Family you represent the best of America.

Shahzad Ansari, Leesburg

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  • 2016-11-13 at 11:24 am

    I am confident that nearly every resident would speak up for and defend the rights of any group that are being violated, regardless of race, gender, religion or origin. All concerned groups should understand that others support their rights.

    Obviously, the belief of many liberal bloggers on this forum and the national (sometimes violent) protests is that voters supporting the Trump campaign are out to persecute certain groups. Thus, the quotation in the letter of “feeling angry, upset or afraid”. But let’s be clear. Trump supporters, more than most, have stood up for the rights of their fellow citizens and even foreigners.

    Veterans voted for Trump by a nearly 2:1 margin (61% – 34%). Veterans have volunteered their lives to defend the rights of all Americans and have been placed in harm’s way to defend Muslims in countries around the world. By contrast, out of a population of 1% of Americans, Muslim-Americans are vastly underrepresented in the ranks of the US military (0.3%).

    The notion that the very people who volunteer to protect their vulnerable fellow citizens would seek to persecute those very same groups is purely fictional. It is a myth created by liberals and various religious groups to insulate themselves from reality: Islamic extremists are the most serious threat to the lives of Muslims around the world. Those same Islamic extremists are also a threat to Americans. And a higher proportion of American Muslims support such extremist views than Americans in general.

    Obviously, the overwhelming majority of Muslim Americans are great citizens. All the citizens of America are ready to stand up and defend them. But be very careful when you try to undermine other political groups, such as Trump supporters, by questioning their motives. It’s one thing to be disappointed in a loss. It’s quite another to paint the political opposition as racist, xenophobes, and bigots. And it’s simply not true.

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