Leesburg Police Dept. ‘Adopted’

The Leesburg Police Department has been “adopted” by the The Winwood Children’s Center.

Educators and students from the child care center plan to show their support for the town’s police officers by delivering baked goods, cupcakes, cookies, and cards.

Deputy Chief of Police Vanessa Grigsby and Lt. Jeff Dubé recently visited the child care center and preschool. They arrived to find a table full of homemade treats to bring back to the police department and share with their colleagues.

“By adopting the Leesburg Police Department, the Winwood Children’s Center will forever hold a special place in the hearts of our staff, and we cannot thank them enough for reaching out to us and showing their gratitude for all we do,” stated Chief of Police Greg Brown.

He offered a special thanks to Director Joy McNaughton, Assistant Director Jessica Harcleroad, and Administrative Assistant Amber Christie.


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