Longtime Clerk Leaves Leesburg

The town employee responsible for logging countless Town Council meetings over the better part of the last decade is headed to Prince William County.

Clerk of Council Lee Ann Green has taken a position as chief deputy clerk for the Prince William County Board of Supervisors. She was appointed as Clerk of Council in late 2007 and has served on the town staff on and off in a variety of positions since 1989.

Green began her career with the town as an administrative associate in the Planning and Zoning Department and later in a similar position in the Engineering and Public Works Department. She also served as an executive associate in the Town Manager’s Office.

Of what she will miss most about her job, her response was instant: The people.

“I’m going to miss my co-workers; they’re a really good team. Since I’ve been here a long time you’ve seen a lot of different groups. This particular bunch that are in here now, it’s really a team,” she said. “It’s not a bunch of separate departments. It’s really come together nicely with the directors that are here and everybody’s working together.”

Green’s last official day in the office was prior to the Thanksgiving holiday, but she will work with the town staff on a transition to make sure meeting minutes are up to date, she said. With an advertisement for a new town clerk posted until Dec. 2, Executive Associate Tara Belote and Paralegal Carmen Smith will fill in in the interim until a new clerk is hired.

During her last Town Council meeting in November, Green was recognized with a resolution of appreciation from the Town Council. Town Manager Kaj Dentler noted that when Green took up the role of Clerk of Council, the position had previously been filled by two employees.

“She’s done the job of two people for many years,” he remarked. “It will be very difficult to replace her.”


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