Letter: Daniel T. Eisert, Leesburg

Editor:  I was quite delighted to see School Board Member Eric DeKenipp’s support for making Inauguration Day a school holiday.

I am a senior at Loudoun County High School. I and many of my friends are looking forward to seeing this historic event—a game changer in a positive manner for the future of this great nation. Additionally, some are planning to witness the presidential inauguration first-hand in Washington, DC.

I am quite disappointed in Dr. Williams’ comments regarding having the day off, especially since school was taken off for both of President Obama’s inaugurations. Dr. Williams, being the head education in Loudoun County, is essentially discouraging students from being a part of history and seeing first-hand how a peaceful transition of power works—something unique around the world.

Additionally, looking the statements by some other board members, I think it is unlikely that all teachers would be willing to stream the inauguration during class—there are plenty of liberal teachers in the public school system who will come up with a “reason” on why they are “unable” to show the inauguration in class.

Even if it meant adding an additional school day to the calendar and regardless of one’s political views, I think it is essential for us students to have the opportunity to watch the presidential inauguration, something imperative to our democracy.

I would like to thank Mr. DeKenipp for defending the opportunity for Loudoun County Public School students to be able to witness history whether that is from the event itself in Washington, DC, or from their television at home.

Daniel T. Eisert, Leesburg

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