Letter: Amanda Johnson, South Riding

Editor: This year’s election was critical for our nation’s future, as Americans voted overwhelmingly to support elected officials who ran on a platform of substantial policy initiatives. Congresswoman Barbara Comstock stands out as a strong advocate of a commonsense, clean energy policy agenda, and that’s why I supported her for Congress.

Earlier this year, Comstock joined with 11 of her colleagues in Congress to form the House Republican Energy, Innovation and Environmental Working Group, demonstrating a strong commitment to advancing renewable energy technology. This wasn’t the first time she led on clean energy policy. In 2015, Comstock sponsored the Research and Development Efficiency Act, which the House of Representatives passed by a voice vote. This legislation that recommends cost saving reforms and stipulates that federal research regulations are reviewed for unjustified burdens, unnecessary requirements, and duplication.

As a mother, there are few things as important to me as making sure my children inherit a better quality of life than myself. I want them to have a healthy environment and a strong economy that supports good Virginia jobs. Even as a freshman member of Congress, Barbara Comstock has amassed a substantive policy portfolio, and has championed clean energy solutions that bolster the economy and benefit Virginia families. I look forward to seeing her continue this leadership during her second term in the next Congress.

Amanda Johnson, South Riding

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