Simpson Middle School Wins ‘Paint the Plow’ Contest

The votes are in and students from J. Lupton Simpson Middle School came out on top in the Town of Leesburg’s 2016 Paint the Plow contest.

The Leesburg Commission on Public Art sponsored the second annual contest in which students from four schools painted snow plow blades on town trucks. The creations were put on display in the Kiwanis Halloween Parade and the Christmas & Holiday Parade. Residents were invited to vote for their favorites.

The “Festival of Lights” entry from Simpson garnered 374 votes of the 1,071 votes cast. Other enteries were “Chinese New Year” by Tuscarora High School, “Earth Day” by Harper Park Middle School, and “Pi Day” by Smart’s Mill Middle School.

You might see the plows around town this weekend as the region prepares for the season’s first dose of winter weather.

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