Plans for Leesburg Skate Rink(s) Move Ahead

The couple behind plans to land a state-of-the-art rink and training facility in Leesburg are moving ahead and hope to have it open within the next year.

Former Olympic figure skater Luiz Taifas and wife Mitra Setayesh are behind the ION International Training Center. Earlier this year, the couple announced plans for a 95,000-square-foot facility that will have the capacity to be everything from an Olympic-style training center, to a rink open for public skating and lessons, and even to host large events, like graduation ceremonies or performances.

The two have selected a site in the Compass Creek development owned by the Peterson Companies just outside the Leesburg town limits, near the Dulles Greenway and Battlefield Parkway, and are in the site plan review process with Loudoun County. They filed their plans with the county in October.

Last week, Setayesh said she and her husband hope to break ground in the spring and open by the end of 2017, assuming the site plan process moves quickly. She said they are excited about their location, wanting to stay in Leesburg, and have enjoyed working with the Peterson Companies.

But it may not be the only entry into the skating market in Leesburg. Brian Cullen, owner of the Ashburn Ice House, has also filed plans to open a roughly 120,000-square-foot facility in the Oaklawn development. It would house a skating rink, a turf field that could be converted to an ice rink in the future, and an aquatic facility for a swim club, he said.

Acknowledging that his team knows the market pretty well through their operation of the Ashburn Ice House, Cullen said they are waiting to “see what emerges in the market” before deciding how to proceed. He noted they filed their plans with the town more than six months ago and have completed two rounds of review.


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4 thoughts on “Plans for Leesburg Skate Rink(s) Move Ahead

  • 2016-12-15 at 10:36 am

    This is going to be a traffic nightmare with super walmart going in at the same location. Thanks to anti annexation champion Kristen Umstattdt this property is in the county but the road is in the town. So the county can approve anything they want and the Leesburg residents will have to deal with the major back ups.

  • 2016-12-15 at 2:09 pm

    Glad to see something interesting being built.

    But, to GoodOleLoudoun’s point, how is this massive shopping complex going to function with a single entrance/exit? In particular, if you are leaving it and want to turn left (towards the Greenway or Evergreen Mills Road) onto Battlefield, how is that going to happen? That daily rush hour backup goes on forever (actually, Miller Drive). Lanes are constricted by the bridge going over the Greenway. It doesn’t seem possible that traffic will be able to exit once they are in the shopping center. Maybe that’s the plan. The longer you get stuck, the more likely you will do more shopping.

  • 2016-12-15 at 5:28 pm

    Agree – and am curious to see how the new housing development by Van Metre, adjacent to Catoctin Elementary, and the new roadways will affect Evergreen Mills Road, 15, Sycolin Road and Battlefield Parkway (I’m not considering the Dulles Greenway). The new Walmart will add massively to the already burdened Battlefield Parkway, which will extend through the new housing development. Off-subject, but 15 has become a drag-racing affair at the new extension heading South out of Town as the posted speed is 35 and most cars easily go 55 with Chief Brown and the Leesburg Police MIA. Realizing I nearly got killed from a speeding red light runner a few years ago, a bit of traffic patrol would go a long way as 1/8 the speeding vehicles are commercial trucks. With my extensive local driving, I imagine that at least 95-98% of vehicles heading south out of Leesburg on 15 are speeding excessively and Leesburg could generate a massive amount of revenue, prevent accidents and create a more pleasant driving experience as most folks are not local residents.

  • 2016-12-17 at 1:14 pm

    GoodOlLoudoun, of course, seems to be supportive of the housing development community – benefiting from it, perhaps. The Town of Leesburg, for years, has been the target for the housing development, because the Town of Leesburg had, and has, the best water/sewer system in the County. No water and sewer, no houses. Annexation would have meant, more and more houses. It is as simple as that. Or as simple as Leesburgsfinest(Not!) who does not even know where Catoctin Elementary is located. Once again, Leesburgfinest(Not!) demonstrates he does not know a whole lot about Leesburg.

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