Stewart Publishes Debut Novel

Writer and Paeonian Springs resident Ann Marie Stewart has just published her debut novel, “Stars in the Grass.”

Stewart writes for The Country Register as well as Mentoring Moments, is a substitute teacher in Loudoun County, and directs music for Main Street Theatre—currently for a production of “Annie, Jr.” at Harmony Middle School.

“Stars in the Grass” is set in a small Midwestern town in 1970, and tells a haunting tale of a family that struggles to face life after the heart-wrenching loss of its youngest son in an accident. The first-person narrative is told by 9-year-old Abby McAndrews, who describes how her seemingly idyllic family life was torn to pieces in the aftermath of the loss, as different members struggle to come to terms with the tragedy and their ensuing grief, guilt and loss—eventually arriving at being able to celebrate continuing life.

The book will be released by Barbour Publishing on Feb. 1 under the Shiloh Run Press imprint. For more information, go to

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