Leesburg Bike Shop Wins Environmental Award

A downtown Leesburg’s cyclist staple has been lauded for its green efforts.

Plum Grove (Re)Cyclery was the 2016 recipient of the John W. Tolbert, Jr., Environmental Achievement Award given by the Environmental Advisory Commission. Plum Grove’s owner Mike Dickerson was on hand at the Town Council’s Jan. 10 meeting to formally accept the award.

In presenting the award, EAC Chairman Charles Greenough noted the bike shop’s extensive use of repurposed materials and comprehensive recycling program. The bike shop moved a little more than a year ago to 120-C East Market Street,  space the owners needed to be built out for their use. It was an opportunity to integrate recycled and refurbished materials into the new space, Dickerson said, and proudly showed Town Council members some visual examples.

“We used a lot of recycled wood, wood pallets. Our pride and joy is 80-year-old bowling alley benches made of old bowling alleys,” Dickerson said.

In addition to the green techniques used in the renovation, Dickerson said the shop also refurbishes bikes and sells them “so they can keep going indefinitely.” He thanked friend and customer, and Leesburg resident, Brett Burk for the Tolbert Award nomination.

One thought on “Leesburg Bike Shop Wins Environmental Award

  • 2017-01-15 at 11:30 am

    Should there be a conflict of interest when the nomination was given by a government employee, although an appointee, he has a dot gov email address, and the application was issued to a fellow member of his in the very same government?!??

    This goes back to the hundreds of comments that I’ve made over the years about relationships within our local government as 99.9% of Leesburg residents have zero idea about the associated family members within government, best friends within government, major business owner friends outside of government, major political allies, etc., and in the case of Gwen Pangle, those who operate both in government and private sector, and are exploiting both to gain financially, and help herself, and many others around her in many, many other ways.

    I applaud the efforts of Mr. Dickerson, but this is part of my issue with the Burks and Gwen Pangle using the government and private business to pick winners and losers including using the government to market their own private business, such as Gwen’s Real Estate Business or this one. Brett Burk, who is an avid biker, and is on the Planning Commission, and interacts with Gwen Pangle regularly, as she chairs the Economic Development Commision, continue to deal out lucrative real estate deals to developers and marketing strategies ultimately via our Town Mayor and Council. Ironically, years ago Brett’s daughter was oddly chosen to be the 1 in 2,000 to have her photo taken and placed on the government website for a similar type award given to a school teacher from LCHS, which I believe was through Kelly Burk. The government works in strange ways when you have friends and family in high places, eh Kelly, Gwen….

    Once again, I do applaud the award, but I don’t believe in a government official nominating someone through his very own government, especially when I know my own government, and his relative heading it, to be ripe with indiscretions.

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