Leesburg Council Drops Liaison Links to Advisory Committees

In one of the first orders of official business for the new Town Council on Monday, members decided to do away with the tradition of having council member serve as liaisons to the town’s advisory boards and commissions.

Mayor Kelly Burk, in proposing the change, said she believed her presence as a council representative at some of the boards and commissions to which she was assigned would unintentionally influence some of the commission members in their votes or recommendations to the council.

The change will mean that a council member will no longer be assigned as a representative to each board and commission. Council members did however make their assignments to local and regional commissions.

Burk will serve as the town’s representative to the Loudoun County Economic Development Commission, the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority Advisory Commission, and Virginia Municipal League’s Human Development & Education Committee.

Councilman Ken Reid will serve as Leesburg’s representative on NVTA’s Planning Coordinator Advisory Committee, and VML’s Transportation Committee.

Newly appointed Councilman Hugh Forsythe will serve as one of two town representatives on the joint town and county Annexation Area Development Policies Committee, and the sole town representative on VML’s Environmental Quality Committee. Councilman Tom Dunn will serve as the other town representative on the AADP committee.

Councilwoman Suzanne Fox will be the town’s representative to VML’s Finance Committee. Councilman Ron Campbell will serve as the town’s representative on VML’s Community and Economic Development Committee. And Councilman Marty Martinez will serve as the representative on VML’s General Laws Committee.

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  • 2017-01-13 at 6:29 pm

    Kelly Burk – Ironically, I believe that I have watched dozens and dozens of the meetings online and you have never, ever, ever, ever attended not one meeting at the Economic Development Meetings and probably none of the other meetings. Ever. I have watched Gwen Pangle and all others attend regularly. I applaud their efforts and time given.

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