New Pilates Studio Hopes to Attract Large Audience

For those who may have tired of the traditional one-size-fits-all, large-scale gyms with their heavy January crowds, a new arrival in Ashburn is hoping to be a mecca for Loudouners looking to start the New Year off on a fit note.

Club Pilates officially debuted in The Shops at Ryan Park shopping center in Broadlands in December, and held its grand opening earlier this month. The boutique-style gym offers reformer-based Pilates classes, where up to 12 at a time can take a variety of classes that focus on the mind-body connection taught by Joseph Pilates.

       “Pilates is the finest strength training you’re going to get for any age, any level. Our philosophy is we want you to do life better,” General Manager Leighanne Zdobysz said. “We’re going to help you get to a path that’s fuller, leading to a more satisfactory life. With the added strength and flexibility, you’re going to see all the benefits.”

At a recent class, this reporter—a novice runner—was able to see how the reformer-based Pilates differed from the Pilates mat classes with which she was far more familiar. At first glance, the reformer machines can seem intimidating, but the movements accomplished during the class leave one feeling refreshed, not exhausted, afterwards. The full-body workout—classes typically last about 50 minutes each—involves the core and glutes, and the day after, rather than feeling sore, you can feel as though you got a good, refreshing stretch that engaged all the right muscles.

And that’s the goal of each workout at Club Pilates, and why owner Ryan Ask believes it is the right fit for the age-diverse community.

“It’s for everyone,” Ask said, noting that everyone from teens on up to seniors enjoy the refreshing workout.

And classes are catered to those from the novice to expert levels, and can even be an option for those rehabbing an injury, with the proper care and consultation.

Both Zdobysz and Ask practice what they preach, and say they have seen the vast difference since beginning the practice of Pilates.

“In 10 days you feel a difference, in 20 days you see a difference, and in 30 days you have a whole new body,” Zdobysz said.

Those interested in seeing if the exercise is a good fit for them can sign up for a demo class at Club Pilates, or find out more information, at

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