Letter: Lou Gros Louis, Lansdowne

Editor: When is our Loudoun County Board of Supervisors going to stop giving away our tax dollars and stop being so terrified of T-shirt-wearing advocates storming our chambers to ensure our teachers match or top the salaries of surrounding jurisdictions while ignoring the fact that our fire and rescue members remain among the lowest paid in the area?

It’s time for all our taxpayers to storm the board’s chambers wearing T-shirts supporting our fire and rescue workers before we have to go back to the days of hand-tubs and bucket brigades.

All the residents of Loudoun County are very fortunate to have such dedicated men and women who continue to protect us, provide professional EMT and paramedic care, and do so knowing they could go to another jurisdiction and enjoy the pay scale they deserve.

This old firefighter gets madder than a hen laying square eggs every time I read in our local newspapers that our school superintendent is asking for additional funds for raises for all. Our local charities, which must be recognized for the good work they do, continue to seek more and more funds each year. And the list of those receiving tax breaks gets longer every year. It is time for our Board of Supervisors to adjust its “give-away” glasses and take a realistic look at the pay scales for our local fire and rescue personnel.

I ask taxpayers the question of 2017: Do you really care about the men and women who serve every one of us at one time or another? If you do care, write your district supervisor and tell him or her so. Apparently, they will not do it on their own until we senior citizens and all taxpayers start raising a little thunder as others do.

Lou Gros Louis, Lansdowne

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