Letter: Maureen H. Whalen, Leesburg

Editor:  Well, my goodness! The proposed 2018 Loudoun County Public School budget will exceed $1 billion. Really, it’s time to get a grip. Does anyone question any aspect of the LCPS? I certainly do.
Why does LCPS have a garbage truck?
Why does LCPS have a fleet of cars?
Why are there so many administrators?
Has the use of white boards and iPads improved student learning?
Why are mental health professionals in schools the responsibility of taxpayers?
More money poured into the education system does not result in better learning. The U.S. spends more money per pupil than any other nation, but in reading, math and science, American students lag behind many other countries.
According to a Washington Post article, the Obama administration spent $7 billion over five years, which was the largest federal investment to target failing schools ever. That enormous expenditure produced no meaningful results.Let’s get a grip.

Expensive bells and whistles aren’t the solution. Faith, functional families, and the character building of yesteryear so are the answer,
Maureen H. Whalen, Leesburg

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