Greenway Rate Hike Bill Dies in Senate

Although identified as one of the simplest fixes to the long-running debate over the annual rate hikes on Loudoun’s toll road, a bid to amend the law governing the Dulles Greenway isn’t gaining traction in Richmond.

Current state law provides that the State Corporation Commission “shall” approve specified annual percentage toll rate increase each year through 2020. Bills filed by Sen. Jennifer T. Wexton (D-33) and Del. J. Randall Minchew (R-10) would change “shall” to “may.” By giving the SCC discretion to determine whether toll increases are merited, they hope to accomplish what county supervisor and state leaders have failed to do during several years of court appeals—hold down rates for area commuters.

Wexton’s bill was killed on a 9-5 vote by the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee on Jan. 16. Minchew’s bill was expected to be taken up by a House Committee on Commerce and Labor subcommittee on Thursday.

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