Letter: Mike Turner, Leesburg

Editor: This past Friday, President Trump issued a ban on all immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries. While 8 USC, Section 1182(f) makes this action legal, the ban’s separate treatment of “religious minorities” from those countries—read Christians—almost certainly makes the immigration ban unconstitutional. It is, in word and in fact, a religious litmus test for entry into the U.S., a patent violation of the first amendment.

My question is, where is Rep. Barbara Comstock’s outrage? She represents the moderate Northern Virginia 10th District. It is home to the All Dulles Area Muslim Society, one of the largest Muslim constituencies in the nation. Dulles airport, site of ongoing protests, is in her district. Several federal representatives of the Commonwealth went to the airport this weekend to find out firsthand what was happening. Rep. Comstock was nowhere to be seen.

On Saturday, Rep. Comstock issued a tepid press release saying she opposed entry denial of green card holders. Apparently, she’s fine with the rest of the religious litmus test. Politico has reported Rep. Comstock scheduled two town hall forums on Saturday but failed to appear at either one. Apparently, she was concerned the questions from her outraged constituents would be too hard to answer.
I’m sorry Rep. Comstock now finds herself squarely allied with an extreme, right-wing House leadership and an unstable and unpredictable President. But she doesn’t work for her party, and she doesn’t work for the President. She works for me, and you and everyone living in the VA-10th. And I’m fairly confident the President’s actions and widespread Republican refusal to stand up to him have left a significant majority of Rep. Comstock’s constituents deeply disturbed. She clearly no longer represents her moderate constituency.
It is time for courage and moral outrage in the face of direct assaults on the Constitution of the United States. And whether she likes it or not, Rep. Comstock now must become part of the solution, or she will most assuredly become part of the problem. Step up, Congresswoman Comstock—or step aside. We are Indivisible, and you work for us.

Mike Turner, Leesburg

One thought on “Letter: Mike Turner, Leesburg

  • 2017-02-02 at 11:30 pm

    Is Turner planning on running for BOS again? Let me give him some advice. If you don’t understand the Constitution, don’t opine on what is unconstitutional.

    According to Turner, we cannot give contracting preferences based on gender (women-owned), admission preferences based on race (affirmative action), or even take action to prevent the elimination of certain religious groups (Yazidis in Iraq).

    Turner rails against helping out small religious groups who ISIS wants to completely eliminate. He claims one of the most respected members in all of Congress, Speaker Paul Ryan, is “extreme”. And he claims our President is “unstable”.

    I don’t know this man but he has demonstrated he is uniquely unqualified not only to serve in elected office, but to be taken seriously.

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