Favola Bill Extends Transitional Support

Sen. Barbara A. Favola (D-31) introduced SB 1149, which would double the amount of time that transitional support services would be available to a Virginia Initiative Employment Not Welfare participant whose Temporary Assistance for Needy Families financial assistance has been terminated, if that participant is working on a college degree or other certification.

Participants would be eligible for transitional support services for two years instead of one, which Favola said would help mothers break the cycle of poverty.

“What we found is the programs provide a Band-aid, but they don’t provide enough support to enable individuals to be able to transition to decent paying jobs, and that’s what we’re trying to accomplish with this.” Favola said. “61 percent of the people on VIEW are working, but the average wage is $8.86. You can’t support a family on that. You can’t even support yourself.”

SB 1149 passed the senate 39-1, and has been referred to the House Committeee on Health, Welfare and Institutions.

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