Letter: Matt Chwalowski, Leesburg

Editor: We have this culture where we allow for dumb and wealth-destructive ideas to get public hearings instead of dismissing them out of hand.

Periodically economically illiterate people or collectivists who want bigger government, come to the Board of Supervisors and say what amounts to “charge extra $15 every household so that I can spend that money myself.” Why? “Because I know better how to spend that money” and “I have the right to their money.”

This attitude gave us President Trump; we are so tired of these elitists collectivists.

When our supervisors get such requests that reduce citizen’s economic freedoms, it is its obligation to taxpayers to impose the “burden of proof.”

I hope there is just one smart Republican supervisor to say this: “Dr. Williams, so you want to increase our taxes by $10 million? OK, so you think that $10 million used by you will generate greater social good than people using that money themselves? Clearly, you must think so. Since we have an obligation to spend taxpayers’ money wisely, please submit a business case that shows that $10 million spent by you is a better deal for Loudoun County taxpayers than them spending it themselves on whatever they want.”

“Dr.  Williams, stop yelling at me. You do not have the right to their money. Yes, you have to prove that this money will generate more good by you than people spending money themselves. You cannot just waltz in here in your funny hat and demand money. It is not your money. What is it that you do not understand?”

“Dr. Williams, we also need you to provide in writing how you will measure the success and spending of that $10 million and please define the success to us, OK?”

“Dr. Williams, as an educated man, you must surely be familiar with Bastiat’s broken window fallacy or ‘seen and unseen’ benefits to the society. A government program is visible; what is not visible is what would have been done with that money otherwise. You really think people would have thrown away that money? And do you know where money comes from?”

“Dr. Williams, we do not spend money based on flimsy suggestions. Unfunded liabilities of the American governments at all levels are at $100 trillion. We are crazy amount in debt and we will go bankrupt and all will need mental help. You better come up with a good reason to take money at a gun point from our citizens. This is about preserving our nation, our money and our future. We cannot spend money on what is frivolous and poorly reasoned and unjustified.”

“Dr. Williams, thanks for stopping by and please be good, good day.” (I hope that this &*!!#*&#$% collectivist does not come here again with his freaking dumb ideas!)

I expect one of the Republican supervisors (because the other side has no respect for individual economic and political freedoms) to say the above. It is their obligation to spend our money wisely.

Matt Chwalowski, Leesburg

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