Purcellville, GSA Close on Surplus Property Sale

The town government has closed on the $300,000 sale of its former maintenance building to The Good Shepherd Alliance.

The property at 781 S. 20th St. was purchased by the town in 1971 for the town’s wastewater treatment plant. After construction of a new maintenance building and treatment plant more than a decade ago, the nonprofit organization has leased and renovated the tenant house on the property to operate Mary’s House of Hope for single mothers.

“We sincerely appreciate the support of the Town of Purcellville over the last 10 years,” GSA Executive Director Vickie Koth stated. “The use of this home has allowed us to assist many single mothers at Mary’s House of Hope to regain their self-sufficiency. Addressing the specific needs and barriers of each family is essential to the long-term success as no two families are alike.”

The GSA purchased the house with the help of a Loudoun County Housing Funds Grant/Loan Program.

“I commend the Town Council and our management team for successfully closing on the sale of this property which was on our books for multiple years and generated no substantial revenue over that period of time,” Mayor Kwasi Fraser stated. “This sale exemplifies our continued commitment to monetize underperforming assets to realize recurring and non-recurring cash flow to address our debt burden. We would also like to thank The Good Shepherd Alliance for making substantial improvements to the property over the years and now purchasing it from the Town to continue their mission of assisting single mothers in need.”

The town is negotiating with Makersmiths to lease an adjacent parcel that was used as the old maintenance building. It is expected that the Makersmiths will take possession of the property under a lease agreement this spring.

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