Letter: Nancy Feeney, Purcellville

Editor: I listened in on Rep. Comstock’s tele-town hall and was very disappointed with the results.

I was on the line for about 10 minutes and then wanted to ask a question. I proceeded, as they suggested, but when I pressed the button to ask the question, I was completely cut off. I could not get back into the discussion after that.

During the time I was able to listen, she was very vague and no one was able to ask follow on questions.

If I had a chance, I was going to ask her about her views on Defunding Planned Parenthood and why she did not attend the women’s march. Also, it was clear that she had no plan to fix or replace the ACA.

As a former federal employee, I was appalled that she voted for the Holman rule. This action shows she is no friend of the federal worker, many of whom live in our district.

Rep. Comstock needs to hold a series of in-person town hall meetings to hear from more citizens. She should find the time to have a meeting during her District Work Session in February.

My husband and I felt set up by her handlers. They got our names and addresses, but provided a very bad platform for a town hall.

Nancy Feeney, Purcellville

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