Leesburg Council Eyes Property Purchase for Town Hall Expansion Opportunity

The Town of Leesburg is considering buying a Wirt Street property that could be used for a future expansion of Town Hall.

The Leesburg Town Council discussed the issue in closed session Tuesday night and then adopted a resolution authorizing Town Attorney Barbara Notar and the town staff to examine the merits of purchasing the home at 16 Wirt Street SW, which is adjacent to Town Hall. The home recently came on the market. The property is assessed by the county at $284,000.

Reached Wednesday, Mayor Kelly Burk emphasized that there are no immediate plans to expand Town Hall, so for the moment the talks are simply exploratory. But, there is a need to look at future needs of the town and its staff, she said.

“At some point in time there’s a likelihood that Town Hall will have to be expanded as the town continues to grow. We need to be more aware and thinking of the future,” Burk said.

The mayor pointed to the town’s wastewater treatment plant, which is landlocked—preventing expansion—because the town never purchased any of the surrounding property. Recently the council approved plans to construct car dealerships next to the plant. That means when there is a need to expand to the plant, Leesburg leaders will have to look elsewhere. Pursuing this sale could avoid a similar scenario for Town Hall, she said.

16 Wirt Street

“It’s time to be proactive and think about the future,” Burk said. The Wirt Street property, “is for sale now. There’s not an immediate use for it, but if we were to purchase it, it would be put to use. We’re taking the opportunity being presented to us now.”

A for sale by owner sign is posted on the home at 13 Wirt Street.

The town also owns the Loudoun Museum buildings at the north end of that Wirt Street block. The home for sale and David Groy’s dental office are in between the museum and town hall.

Town staff members are expected to brief the council again in closed session about the property once they have more information.


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