A Lenten Practice: Saint Gabriel’s Episcopal Church Issues the 40 Days of Prayer Challenge

St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church in Leesburg has issued an invitation and a challenge for people to take the 40 Days of Prayer Challenge.

Starting Ash Wednesday, April 1, and ending Holy Saturday, April 15, members of the congregation agreed to individually pray twice each day. Once during the day, they will pray for peace, justice, relief for the poor, and for those we love; then at noon they will pray the Lord’s Prayer wherever they are, in silence or aloud.

“We see this as a way to unify people from all walks of life and from all churches in prayer,” the Rev. Daniel Vélez-Rivera, St. Gabriel’s’ vicar, said. “Our congregation will pray together throughout Lent as a sign of solidarity, and we encourage others to join us to take the pledge and pray. If the Lord’s Prayer isn’t part of your religious tradition, use a prayer at noon that is familiar and important to you.”

The Rev. Deacon Holly Hanback sees this Lenten discipline as affirming. “We always give up things during Lent as a sign of repentance and reflection. But this Lent we invite you to add something in the spirit of the season,” she said. “This commitment to pray daily is a form of Lenten discipline and a great gift to those praying and those prayed for.”

For more information, call the church office at 703-779-3616 or email Parish Administrator David “Dj” Gunning at Dj@saintgabriels.net

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