Dance Instructor Faces Sex Offense Charges

A 19-year-old Sterling man has been charged with felony sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl.

Investigators in Loudoun and Fairfax counties are working to determine whether Chase C. Peklo, an instructor at a McLean dance studio, had sexual relationships with other juvenile students.

The six charges filed by the Fairfax County Police Department stem from an alleged sexual relationship between Peklo and the Loudoun girl last summer. Peklo was arrested Feb. 16 and was held without bond. He was charged with carnal knowledge of a child between 13 and 15 years old and five counts of possession, reproduction, distribution, solicitation and facilitation of child pornography.

Peklo worked at Adrenaline Dance Studio on Tyco Road in McLean and Stage Door on New Market Court in Manassas. An Adrenaline employee reported the allegation of the relationship to police Feb. 6. Investigators determined he had inappropriate communications with a 13-year-old girl and two 14-year-old girls between December 2015 and November 2016.

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