St. Paul’s Offers Kinklings

Christian Community Church at St. Paul’s will hold its annual Kinklings Day on Saturday, Feb. 25.

The Kinklings will be available at the church’s Mullen Hall from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. They are $7 a dozen; a coffee and kinkling combo will be served for $1.

Kinklings were once popular in German communities as a traditional sweet treat prepared and eaten just before the season of Lent began. Reggie Sanbower uses the same old German recipe he learned from his mother and was passed down through the generations.

The restored 1835 church is at 12623 Harpers Ferry Road north of Hillsboro.

Call 540-822-5228 or 301-432-4574 to place orders or for more information.

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