Walbridge Opens Campaign for 33rd District House Seat

Round Hill-area resident Tia Walbridge today announced plans to run for the District 33 seat in the House of Delegates.

Republican Dave A. LaRock, of Hamilton, has held the seat since 2014. Voters in the district, which stretches from just west of Leesburg to just outside Winchester, will elect their representative in November.

Walbridge describes herself as a small business owner and sheep farmer.

“Like many people in our district, my family has found its prosperity in a Virginia-based small business and our honor in serving the community and country. My husband served in the Navy and is now working in civil service,” Walbridge said.

Walbridge said she has been inspired to take part in political and public service because of the growing partisanship. She is concerned that partisan issues are superseding political support for public schools and small businesses, and that American values like honor, integrity, civility and community are eroding.

In making her campaign announcement, she highlighted support for public education and rural businesses.

“I am a mother who wants to see us support our public schools and expand opportunities for students in rural areas, so all of our children have access to an education that best fits their needs and abilities. All Virginians; rural or urban, beltway or Blue Ridge, should have the same opportunities,” she stated. “When it comes to higher education, Virginia has some of the greatest institutions in the country, and we should be helping all of our students to achieve their education goals without saddling them with a lifetime of debt.”

Walbridge envisions a stronger rural economy. “I believe in strengthening our small business community, in particular, those businesses that define our Virginia culture. Our farms bring their produce and livestock to restaurants and farmers markets all around our communities. Our wineries, breweries, and distilleries give us a dynamic community. All of our small businesses deserve to be bolstered and protected,” she stated.

Walbridge said voters want a return to values like honor and integrity.

“I believe politicians can have both. Values like inclusion and acceptance of all people are important to strong communities. We teach these values to our children in our schools, our homes, and our community programs every day. It is a time to live the lessons that we teach,” she stated.

“I believe that all people are created equal and should be free to pursue their version of happiness and achieve an American dream that is uniquely their own. Your version of the American dream may be a beautiful home in the heart of Purcellville. Or perhaps it is teaching your children at home and living a life close to the earth. Whatever your piece of the American tapestry looks like, I will fight passionately to support it, I will work tirelessly to improve our laws, regulations, and codes to help you and your businesses. Together, we can build a brighter Virginia,” Walbridge stated.

She has established a campaign email address, tiawalbridgefordelegate@gmail.com, and webpage, tiawalbridgefordelegate.com.

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