Letter: Kathleen Biesecker, Purcellville

Editor: Barbara Comstock’s so-called “Tele-Town Hall” on Tuesday night was such a disappointment to so many of her constituents. I literally received a notice on my phone 30 minutes after it began. This was clearly a tactic to silence dissent. For heaven’s sakes, my little neighborhood HOA puts out a 30-day notice for public meetings … and this is all we can expect from our congresswoman?

What Barbara Comstock and so many of her Republican colleagues are doing is running from her constituents. It’s not public service. I’ve never been involved politically before, but this Republican attempt to bypass voters and avoid answering the most pressing questions people have about the way they are voting is a travesty and is not representative Democracy.

I’m so disgusted. And to the Republican naysayers who are repeating the same old line that these are “paid protests” and all set up by Indivisible, you clearly don’t understand what is actually happening with this grassroots dissent.

I’m an Independent and not a member of any of these groups and I know hundreds of people in Loudoun County who are motivated not by a website or a political advocacy group but by their very real concerns about the terrible things that are being done by this administration (Muslim travel ban, mass deportation, environmental destruction, trying to silence the media, aiming to destroy our public school system, discrimination against every minority group including LGBTQ…).

The list is too long to even fully describe here. Looking forward, it’s clear that our congressional representatives need to start actually representing all of their constituents. And Barbara Comstock ignores our concerns at her peril.

Kathleen Biesecker, Purcellville


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  • 2017-02-24 at 7:56 am

    Kathleen, I tend agree with you on these “tele-town hall” meetings.

    However, I have still not had anyone show me where there is a travel ban on Muslims. There is a travel restriction on people entering the U.S. from countries known to support terrorism. But this is nothing different than any of the last four of five presidents have done. As for the mass deportations, these people are here illegally. They are breaking our laws by being here without having gone through the legal immigration process. I challenge anyone to go to any number of foreign countries and try to enter without going through the proper entrance procedures. Silencing the media may not be a bad thing. Since CNN broke onto the scene with 24-hour news, it has been more about scooping the story than reporting facts. All the time you hear these news reporters/anchors saying “you saw it here first”. I don’t care where I saw it first, I care that the story is true and factual and that there is no political spin attached to it. And you speak of discrimination as though this is something new with this administration. The previous administration had more to do with the degradation of racial/social relations than any other administration in history. Civilians hate the cops and stereotype every police officer because they wear a badge. Are there bad police officers? I’m sure there are, but not every single one of them. White people are also stereotyped as racists because of, well, the color of their skin. Men are automatically stereotyped as misogynists because they are men. And I cannot understand why anyone would agree that it is okay to allow a person to use public restrooms of the sex they “identify” with.

    But all that aside, I believe a representative of the people should be available to the people. And that is not Barbara Comstock. I have written letters to Ms. Comstock and more often than not, when I do get a reply it is more of her pushing her agenda than answering my questions. The same holds true for Tim Kaine and Mark Warner.

  • 2017-03-05 at 12:52 pm

    The people complaining about Comstock are the same people who voted for Foust and Bennett. This is a real good indication that they support partisan politics over the best candidate. Kathleen I bet has never voted for a single republican and echo the democrat talking point release of the day. Complaining without solutions is just that, complaining. She has nothing!

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