Middleburg Offers Meter-Free Parking Downtown

With work completed on Middleburg’s streetscape improvements, visitors may notice something missing downtown. The parking meters are gone. However, that doesn’t mean unlimited free parking.

The Town Council recently approved a new system that will dictate spaces for three hours or eight hours of parking, or as 15-minute loading zones. The approach is aimed at being visitor- and business-friendly while still ensuring spaces open up to make parking available for others. Town police will enforce the limits by chalking tires during their rounds. The town plans to issue warnings first, but tickets will follow for repeat offenders.

The council also extended the amount of time that individuals have to pay their parking tickets without an increased fine from the previous three days to seven days. Tickets not paid within the seven days are currently charged an additional $25 late fee. At its meeting this week, the council was scheduled to continue discussing changes to the fees and late penalties, as well as implementing incremental fines for repeat offenders.


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